Access. For Everyone.

"Through Him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God." (Romans 5:2)

The history of Trinity Church is full of examples of lives changing when people have access to the gospel. We believe that God is asking us to continue this calling, to see more and more lives change as more and more people gain access to the gospel.

As we move into a new season of ministry in 2024 and beyond, we want to invest in the future. This will require significant updates to our facility to ensure that we have a tool that works properly, a tool that will allow us to provide greater access to the gospel.

We ask that you pray about how God wants you to sacrifice. Pray about how God wants you to invest. We invite you to join us – you are invited to provide access to the greatest thing ever, access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Trinity’s Future

Take a look at these architectural renderings! Some of our plans include: a hospitality area, new playground construction, a new front entrance, an updated worship center, a covered walkway between the main building and FDC, and more.

One important component to our Access Initiative is Missions. We have partnered with an organization called NeverThirst and donated our first $10,000 raised to them. NeverThirst provides clean drinking water to unreached communities in other countries. Since 2008, they have helped over 900,000 people gain access to clean and living water.

Greater Access to the Gospel

We believe greater access to the Gospel produces life transformation.
Here are our four focus areas:


Giving God
what He deserves

– Necessary updates to audio / visual equipment and lighting
– Updated stage layout and wiring to facilitate worship
– Improved windows and doors to utilize natural light


Making spiritual growth a
priority for all ages

– Covered walkway between the main building and FDC
– New playground construction
– Multipurpose gathering areas for small group discipleship and informal gatherings


Welcoming all ages into our church family, caring for one another

– New entrance that is bright, visible, and welcoming
– New hospitality area/foyer to accommodate the building of relationships
– Updated restrooms, and a new family restroom and nursing mother’s room


Keeping our mission at the forefront – making disciples of ourselves and others

– The first 10K donated to Access will go to supporting Neverthirst, drilling two wells in Cambodia to support the pastors of local churches.
– Raising up the next generation of missionaries and Christian leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the financial goal for this initiative?

The financial goal for Phase 1 of the Access initiative is $1,350,000 raised over the next three years. To date we have received $790,000.

Why are we doing this now?

Now is the right time to invest in the future of Trinity Church, as we are moving into a new season of ministry. We are seeing significant growth, especially in our kids and youth ministries. We want to invest resources to update our facility so it is an effective tool to welcome and disciple these young families and others who will come in the future. Our goal is to maximize our kingdom impact as we pursue what God has in store for us here at Trinity. We believe God has given us health and momentum for such a time as this.

When will this initiative begin and end?

The Access Initiative launched in February 2022 and go through February 2025.

Are my giving gifts “over and above” my normal tithe and other offerings?

Yes! They must be! Our normal operating expenses must continue to be met by your faithful support. These over-and-above gifts will allow us to renovate our current building and add the covered walkway and playground.

When will we be asked to make our commitment?

The entire congregation was asked to participate on Commitment Sunday where everyone came together to make their pledges for the Access Initiative! This was in our Sunday service on February 27, 2022.

Can my gift involve stocks or other assets in addition to cash?

Yes! A recent study concludes that only 14% of American’s assets are in cash. The vast majority of our assets are in non-cash items such as stocks, bonds, property, vehicles, etc. Making non-cash donations will definitely help the church reach its financial goals as well as provide positive tax benefits for the donor!

Why is the project called Access?

We believe that when people have access to the gospel, lives change. Greater access to the Gospel will produce life transformation and we want to reach as many people as possible. Our four focus areas for the initiative are worship, discipleship, community and mission.

How do we know the cost is not too much or too little?

Our leadership has worked through this plan for the last year. We’ve looked at our current data and trends, revised our masterplan for the property, and forecasted our future space needs based on our current growth. We selected an architecture firm early in the process, and we are working with them every step along the way to make sure that we have a good idea of costs and that the scope doesn’t creep during construction.

Will we do this project in phases?

Yes, Phase 1 will include an outdoor covered walkway, new playground, and renovation of the main building hospitality area. Phase 2 will provide a much-needed update for our Worship Center.

Ready to provide greater access to the Gospel?